Book 3 – Good Me, Bad Me

 Our next book is Good Me, Bad Me (2017) by Ali Land.
Thank you for an AMAZING book club meeting today. Biggest turn out thus far! I have to start choosing more controversial books haha.
Thanks again for those of you who read (and those of you who got halfway through) but didn’t attend. You still deserve recognition for the effort .
11 girls read the book and an additional two have gotten halfway through. Which means… THIS BOOK CLUB IS WORKING YAYY *happy dance*
Today’s discussion was great! So many different reactions to the book made for some interesting theories.
Good me bad me
So, the next book is proving hard to get a hold of. We might need to change it if it proves to be too much of an obstacle, but I urge you all to please try!
Fair warning, this book brings up a lot of intense themes because it is written from the viewpoint of a teenage girl whose mother is a serial killer. I suggest you order the book ASAP so it arrives in time or if you have Kindle I think it’s on there (I checked and Virgin doesn’t carry it, and Mariam says it’s not on iBooks).

3 thoughts on “Book 3 – Good Me, Bad Me

  1. THIS IS INCREDIBLE. The entire book is like a dreadful car accident – you’re shocked, revolted and sad and yet you cannot look away. You’re most likely going to finish reading this in one sitting … I sent it immediately to two friends and they both finished it in a day. I personally took no more than 24 hours and this was on top of trying to get through a plane ride straight to a day at the office and then to night class.


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