Book 9 – Adnan’s Story


Our second non-fiction read for The Book Club is Adnan’s Story (2016) by Rabia Chaudry.

This book made me sad, frustrated and angry. Some parts were heartbreaking. However, this being said, I had to keep pushing myself to forge through. The book was written in painstaking detail, and even though these details are definitely important it made it boring to read at times. The first two pages, a handwritten note from Adnan to the creator of the podcast Serial, summarize the entire plot. Obviously, since it is non-fiction the book doesn’t have the freedom to create plot twists etc but follows a true story. Hence, the entire book is a compilation of all the little ways in which things can go wrong in America’s justice system.

I like the reaffirmation of Islam in this book, and I am impressed by Adnan’s character – or at least the portrayal of him.


The photograph above is of Adnan and Hae in the 90s.

I also recommend checking out the recent E! News article published on June 8 2016 regarding the case: Digesting Serial: Everything You Need to Know About the Adnan Syed Murder Case

I also discovered that they included the podcast Serial on the syllabus for highschool students last year at American School of Doha. From what I gather, the podcast has a much more ‘whodunnit‘ vibe than the book which reiterates Adnan’s innocence at every turn. What impressed me about the teachers’ decision to show this podcast to students is that they then gave them memory exercises trying to get a bunch of teenagers to remember exactly what they were doing a week ago. This helped show them first hand the unreliability of witnesses, and my cousin told me she couldn’t remember what she had for lunch let alone accurately recollect a previous day that was just a normal day for her.

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