Book 29: One Day We’ll All be Dead and None of this Will Matter

One Day We’ll All be Dead and None of this Will Matter (2017) by Scaachi Koul is a collection of 10 essays on everyday life as a 2nd generation immigrant millennial in Canada. Of Indian descent, Koul is currently a BuzzFeed writer, and that is pretty much the tone of the whole book. Which means that this book is an unremarkable, mediocre waste of time.

“I sometimes try to understand how people formed their identities in eras before the internet existed. What did teenagers do to carve out a sense of self in the world?”


I’m 25 and I’m more interesting than this whiny, snarky, mess of a human being. Who gave her a book deal and WHY?

Honestly, why? What has she done to merit a book about her life? There’s NO story.

It was slightly funny in places, and some of the topics were interesting. However, the book didn’t blow my mind. It didn’t unearth any deep emotions other than the need to go hug my parents. I chuckled at times. Idk, it didn’t feel like her story was special or extraordinary, it felt mundane and everyday.

Why did she write a book? Her life was not interesting and she had nothing of substance to say. Nothing happened to her nor did she achieve anything of worth that would give her a reason to write a book. I’m just confused at why a publisher would give her a book deal.

To be honest, I’m almost compelled to start an entire new category on this website called “Do Not Read” just so I can file this under it.

If you want to read a funny memoir, go and get Born A Crime and don’t get sucked in by this book’s pretty pink cover.


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