Book 37: The Perfect Nanny / Lullaby

“Every day, she would encounter companions in madness: tramps, lunatics, talking to themselves. The city, back then, was full of madmen”

The Perfect Nanny/Lullaby (2016) by Leïla Slimani is actually based on a true story. Why do thrillers work so well in the summer?

I think the hardest part of this book is that there was no good reason why she killed the children. Not that there can ever be a reason worthy enough for the cold blooded murder of innocents – but for there to be nothing? For it to be just a snap in someone’s psyche? That it could happen in real life… that is a chilling thought indeed.
I really enjoyed the book though and I really enjoyed talking it through at our meeting.

“We will all, all of us, only be happy, she thinks, when we don’t need one another anymore. When we can live a life of our own, a life that belongs to us, that has nothing to do with anyone else. When we are free”

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