Book 38: The Water Cure

The Water Cure (2018) by Sophie Mackintosh was polarizing to say the least.

“I ask myself, is this all there is now? Just let me lie in the long grass at the end of the garden. Let me sleep through the rest of my days”

Just a couple of pages into this and I was so confused. At this stage, we were all pretty much unanimous in our dislike of the book. Mystery is good, but not when a reader struggles to make sense of things, to picture things or to really know how to feel. As we forged through, we diverged into three groups: those who DNF-ed, those who stuck it out and abhorred it (I had people wishing to be drowned in sacks underwater the same as the characters) and there was me…

“My feelings are limping, wretched things. Underwater, staring at the stained tiles, I scream as loudly as I can. The water kills the sound. Opening my eyes, I turn on to my back and watch the sun through the water, a rippling orb of light. It is at times like these that I can imagine holding myself down until the water floods my lungs, that I realize it wouldn’t be so hard. The real trick is how and why we continue surviving at all”

While I say it was divisive, actually, I believe everyone was unanimous in their dislike for it except for me. I suddenly fell hook, line and sinker for this book. I dove deep, felt everything, and became satiated with it. Why did I relate to Lia’s character? All I can say is that if you absorb this book at an emotional level you can get swept away. It’s like poetry, it either resonates with you or makes no sense and feels like a load of cr*p. But don’t you ever get those days where all you do is try to be good?

“For to be good is to be loved, I do believe this, and I have been good, I am always being good”

Extra reading: The New Yorker

“Part of what made the old world so terrible, so prone to destruction, was a total lack of preparation for the personal energies often called FEELINGS. Mother told us about these kinds of energies. Especially dangerous for women, our bodies already so vulnerable in ways that the bodies of men are not”

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