Book 39: Tangerine

Tangerine (2018) by Christine Magan is set in 50’s Morocco. That being said, it mainly focused on a trio of white folk, with the only named Moroccan character being very 2D and disappointing. The plot follows your standard Single White Female storyline of one woman obsessing with another and slowly taking over her life. The only added flavour being the ‘exotic’ setting and the inclusion of mental health illnesses.

“She was, I realised, that awful, wretched part of me that should be locked away and boarded up forever – like Jane’s madwoman in the attic. She was the unfiltered version the rawness that no one should ever see. She was every wicked thought, every forbidden desire turned real and visceral”

We all seemed to have our complaints about this book. The author switches style a few chapters in, which matches her habit of introducing subplots and characters and then abandoning them never to be seen again. On top of that, the setting was forced, the connection to the revolution for independence in Tangier was forced and the characters weren’t likeable. But we all enjoyed it as a light read with creepy undertones. It’s no great piece of literature but it’s a solid summer read.

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